About Us

Hutchinsons has kiwi ingenuity, cleverness and an adventurous spirit embedded into its past and present.

Established in Auckland in 1906 by George Hutchinson and his three brothers, it is one of the original merchants of branded consumer foods in the New Zealand retail market.

The early days saw the brothers focused on retailing specialty and gourmet food products – opening local stores in Ponsonby, Newmarket and two stores in Auckland City. As they earned a reputation as an expert supplier of international goods, the Hutchinson brothers then ushered in a new direction, becoming New Zealand’s preeminent importer of fine foods through the establishment of Hutchinsons Wholesale in 1914.

Hutchinsons continued to thrive into the 21st century, growing its portfolio of brands while supporting the rapidly developing supermarket environment in New Zealand.

Today we take the same approach as the Hutchinson Brothers, going to great lengths to carefully source and promote exceptional products, and to partner with a number of food producers from the world over.

With years of experience, our team has an unparalleled passion for developing reputable brands in the New Zealand market. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop new growth opportunities for our brand partners and retail customers, ultimately…Bringing New Zealanders a world of food.

Hutchinsons’ sister company Manassen Foods is part of a network of brand marketing, sales and distribution companies. Its marketing reach includes New Zealand with Hutchinsons, in Hong Kong and Macau with Metro Alliance and Rainbow, and in Shanghai with Qinzhou.

We foster an environment that encourages open debate, ingenuity, boldness and considered risk-taking. We support creative thinking to solve problems, provide solutions, and introduce new and exciting ideas to product lines, business models, processes and strategies.

Our employees can trust what we say and what we do. We understand that we are the torchbearers for our company’s reputation and we take full responsibility and accountability for upholding it.

As a company that sources supplies from around the world, manufactures and operates in Australia and New Zealand, and has a growing focus on Asia, diversity is fundamental to our business success. It enables us to understand the market and our consumers better, and operate more effectively in a global marketplace.

We make decisions in our employees’ best interests, negotiate proactively on their behalf and support them in their growth and successes.

We set a high standard and challenge ourselves to succeed. We achieve this by believing in ourselves, working hard, demonstrating leadership at all levels, and concentrating on actions and activities that deliver on our aspirations.

By staying true to our original objective – ensuring we have the right people in the right roles, providing adequate training and constantly improving our procedures, processes and systems – we are able to build a strong, united workforce.